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Designer Crystal Miller

I have always been deeply touched by two things: the magic and beauty of the natural world, and designing, creating. My childhood was spent in the majestic silence of the forests and shorelines of the Pacific Northwest; observing, listening, and playing with the magic of those beautiful landscapes. When I was simply too filled up with goodness, (or too wet, or too muddy!) I would retreat to the house, where I was fascinated by the alchemy that transpired in my mothers sewing room.

As I grew older, I became aware of the environmental devastation of clear cutting, and this deeply informed my decision to work in sustainable fabrics. I started Conscious Clothing in 1995,  creating a ready-to-wear clothing line using hemp fabrics. At the end of the 1990's, as the fabrics evolved, I changed the focus of my designing to bridal wear, where I have been happily creating ever since!  I continue to be enchanted by the idea of bringing ceremony and ritual back in to our lives, and learning to honor and coexist with the natural world. 

- Crystal

Conscious Clothing

Conscious Clothing offers a creative array of handcrafted, eco conscious, bridal, ceremonial, and special occasion gowns. We work exclusively in hemp, hemp/peace silks, pure silk, and organic cotton fabrics. 


Photography for Conscious Clothing website:
By Heather Rhodes at Studio Petronella, Mystic, Connecticut.
By Zion Miller, Santa Fe, New Mexico.

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